Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cocktail Challenge - Three for summer

Mojito - Bacardi light rum, Muscovado brown sugar, fresh mint, and ice. And lime, although the description fails to mention it. Wouldn't be much of a Mojito without it! Mojitos have become the new faux-tini, but this one is pretty classic and was nice and refreshing for our first meal out on the patio this spring. The Muscovado brown sugar adds some interest over the more typical white sugar or simple syrup.
Ramos Gin Fizz - This is the first drink on the cocktail menu, and I have to admit that I'd been avoiding it. It just seemed like too much! Plymouth Original Dry Gin, heavy cream, egg white, lemon and lime juice, orange curacao and club soda. My verdict? It's certainly tasty. And not as sweet as you might think from looking at it. But the cream and egg white make it pretty substantial, so it was a lot to have with a meal. Maybe a good choice for when I want a cocktail, but I'm a little bit hungry too, but don't really want to eat...
La Floridita No. 2 - Vya sweet vermouth, light crème de cacao, fresh lime juice, pomegranate grenadine. The website claims there's some rum in there too, although it's not on the printed in-restaurant menu. In any case, I thought this was delicious! And it's a perfect example of why I wanted to do this challenge - it's not a drink I ever would have picked off the list to order otherwise. I love Vya vermouths, and they didn't let me down here. And while there's some sweet fruitness to the drink, it doesn't taste like fruit juice - you can tell you're drinking a cocktail, and that's what I'm usually looking for. I'm adding this one to my rotation for sure!

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ilex said...

Please post your recipe for the rhubarb mojito- I can probably figure it out but improvising adult beverages is not my strong suit. Your stunning new use for rhubarb needs blog space!