Friday, October 13, 2006

Thanksgiving Dinner for 65

3 twelve-pound turkeys
25 lbs mashed potatoes
10 lbs ginger glazed carrots
8 lbs roasted brussels sprouts
6 squash cut in half and stuffed with bread stuffing for the vegetarians
Extra stuffing for everyone
8 cups of gravy
8 cups of cranberry sauce
2 9x13 pans of nanaimo bars

I live in a cohousing community here in Ann Arbor. We have shared meals several nights a week, and I cook a couple times a month. I'm a Canadian living in the US, so last year I thought it would be fun to cook a Canadian Thanksgiving meal. It was fun, but it was also an awful lot of work, and I swore "never again." But then this year I let a neighbor and friend convince me to do it again. It was an awful lot of work again, starting when my butcher didn't have my turkeys ready and I had to make do with three small and mostly frozen turkeys... You can read about the whole saga - and other common meals I've cooked - here.

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