Friday, October 20, 2006

"Little" Three Happiness

Denoted "little" to differentiate it from the completely unrelated Three Happiness restaurant right across the street, this restaurant is the namesake for excellent Chicago food board And that's where I got turned on to this tiny Chinatown hole in the wall.

It certainly deserves the "little" moniker - the cramped storefront includes two or three big rounds, and a couple of smaller tables jammed into the corners. The TV was showing a Chinese cooking show when we arrived - stir fried frozen french fries and seared porkchops, all topped with a quick sweet and sour sauce. Fascinating.

My reason for coming to LTH was simple - I'd fallen in love with the mere description of the dish pictured above - rice noodles (crisp - be sure to specify crisp) topped with roasted duck and BBQ pork. The sauce is a deep brown gravy with lots of bean sprouts. Put it all together with those lovely pan crisped noodles - crispy on one side, soft on the other - and you have a heck of a dish. Way more food than the two of us could have eaten, even if we hadn't also ordered a few dim sum items (which were fine, but not worth writing about here).

There are many other dishes recommended in the various LTH discussions on LTHForum, but if I ever make it back, I'd be hard pressed to order anything but this again.

'Little' Three Happiness
209 W Cermak Rd
Chicago, IL 60616

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Sorry to Hate said...

blah. Don't eat there. I had to call the health inspector on this nasty NASTY place. There was a HUGE and dead EFING spider in my soup. This place needs to be closed. Inspected. Cleaned. Sold to people that understand what clean is. Reinspected. And then Reopened.