Friday, January 26, 2007

Moonbase ConFusion - pictures from the weekend

I spent last weekend running the hospitality suite for a science fiction convention. I meant to take pictures of the crazy amount of supplies we bought for it, but I totally forgot. I'll post my shopping list later - it's pretty amazing. To give you a preview, on our first trip to Costco, we had 5 flat bed carts and 5 or 6 large shoppping carts.

For now, here's a couple of pictures:
This is our main food service area, just before we opened the doors on Friday. Our theme for this year's convention was Moonbase ConFusion. Thus the tablecloths made of mylar blankets for a space age/futuristic feel. They actually made the best tablecloths, because they didn't show stains and spills just slid right off. The video monitors on the right (there were 3 of them) showed a series of over 300 stills, a mix of moon exploration pictures and artists renderings of moons and moon bases. The windows are blacked out with Kraft paper so people could use chalk to draw their own moonscape - what you'd see looking out the window of the moon base. Unfortunately, we only got one window started, and the others just got used as an opportunity for graffiti - but people had fun with that, so it's okay.

Friday night we hosted a Mardi Gras party. We handed out over 200 strings of beads, played Zydeco music and served cornbread and jambalaya. We were also supposed to serve the fabulous Mardi Gras astronaut cake pictured above (thanks Sue!), but I totally forgot about him until Saturday. When he was slightly less in-theme, but still very tasty and appreciated.

This was my second year doing this, and I had a total blast. I'm still recovering from the lack of sleep, though!

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