Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm loving this website. You know those nutrition labels on the back of all packaged products? Well, this website contains that same information for hundreds of thousands of items, including meat down to the specific cuts. If you're paying attention to what you eat for any reason, you'll find something to like on the site. In addition to looking up all those different food items (and fast food too) the site has a tool that lets you easily compare different foods.

My favorite feature is the pantry. You can add food items to the pantry, then use them to construct your own recipes and get your own nutrition label for the entire recipe, like this one for the salmon and fennel chowder I made for dinner last night.

My only annoyance with the website so far is that your pantry details are stored in a cookie on your computer, meaning you can only access the details from one location. However, you can export the data. Oh, and I guess I'm also annoyed about their limited selection of potato choices - only red or russet. What am I to do about my new white potatoes or my Yukon golds?


Anonymous said...

Well, in that case check out the Personal Diet Planner. They provide the same sort of information in more natural and organized way.

CyberSlimCenter said...

I like nutriondata site and the way the people can partecipate do the diet discussion on the natural diet.