Sunday, September 24, 2006

That place - you know the one - it useta be a Dairy Queen?

Not Fooling Anybody. Subtitled "A Chronicle of Bad Conversions and Storefronts Past" this website provides a tour of some not-so-dramatic transformations. The pictures are occasionally amusing, but it's the "creative interpretations" that will occasionally make you laugh out loud.

Their manifesto:

It is not without the bitter taste of self-awareness, specifically about the overwhelmingly crass and commercial (and, indeed, downtrodden and dreary, bleakly suburban, and economically grim) nature of the content of this site, that we at NFA embark on our quest to document bad conversions. That said, it is perhaps best that we look at this phenomenon as a delightful yet sad part of our culture's clattering landscape: it is an amusing diversion, it is an economic gestalt, it is a crime of design, it is a confusion to the would-be consumer. Let us rejoice in bad conversions and seek to amuse ourselves with them wherever possible, taking utmost pains to observe the careful, hopeless touches of their renovation and their indelible flourishes of nonsense on our landscape. Embrace blight! We have no other hope.

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Larc said...

This is hilarious!