Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tazo Tea

I feel like this has been more of a drink blog than a food blog lately, but I've spent the last two days in meetings and eating hotel food, and there's just not much I want to say on that subject.

Service and catering at the hotel we're using isn't very good, but one thing that has been a pleasant surprise is that they have a nice selection of Tazo herbal tea out with coffee and tea service. This has been particularly welcome, since the hotel is (as usual) over-airconditioned and I've spent the last couple of days chilled.

I like Tazo teas. They have bright colorful packages, and fun names. The flavors are not subtle, and I'm an in-your-face kinda gal, so that works for me. At home I usually drink Passion (which their fun website describes as "a luscious explosion of flavorful hibiscus, subtle citrus, tart rose hips and a kiss of mango and passion fruit"). But with all that citrus and rose hips it can be kind of tart, so I've been experimenting with other flavors. So far I've tried Refresh (peppermint, spearmint and tarragon) and Wild Sweet Orange. I'd try Calm (chamomile and rose petals and other soothing herbs) but that's the last thing I need in the middle of a 12 hour long day of meetings.

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