Saturday, August 19, 2006

"Blind" Ordering

Over on eGullet, Rich has started a thread about blind ordering in restaurants.

Recently I've taken to ordering "on the blind" in restaurants that don't offer a tasting menu or when I'm not in the mood for a tasting menu. And it has worked well every time to date.

I look at the menu and select two or three items from the appetizers and entrees. I then ask the server to select one of those choices for me, but don't tell. I want to be surprised.

It creates a little excitement and gives an opportunity for the server to be a little creative - seems they relish the empowerment.
I've certainly asked for recommendations from a server before, but I don't think I've ever let one make the decision for me. I think I've even tried a couple times, but with servers who didn't "relish the empowerment" and pushed the decision back to me. Perhaps worth another try. Could be especially helpful for those times when I just can't decide!

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