Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wish List: Thermapen

I keep coming across culinary-related items that I covet, and thought I would start sharing the list here. Not because I'm looking for readers to buy me anything (although I certainly wouldn't complain), but I figure that if I think something is cool, the rest of you might too.

I've been coveting this Thermapen digital thermometer ever since I first saw it on America's Test Kitchen. It's got an ultra-thin probe, which allows it to give ultra-fast temperature readings. Most inexpensive digital thermometers take 20 seconds or longer to give an accurate temperature reading. The Super-Fast version of the Thermapen takes just 4 seconds (the "standard" with a slightly thicker and sturdier tip, takes 8-10 seconds).

At $85, it's not cheap. But it's right at the top of my wish list anyway!


Anonymous said...

If you can get 6 ppl to go in on it with you, buy the special, then the price drops to 70 and change.

Tammy said...

Actually, since I'm one of the people, I'd only need 5 more. Anyone else want a Thermapen?

Anonymous said...

yeah, I'm interested, but I live in Hawaii